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    Your future vision: the first step to living your dream life.

    August 1, 2017

    As we prep for the launch of the new strategy-based website templates, I’m knee-deep in working on some of the branding for these new sites. I’ve recruited a couple friends to be my muse, and one of the things a certain friend was missing when she first sent over her brand homework was her future vision.

    This is something that all of the one-on-one Pinegate Road clients work through as part of their brand homework. While some branding studios help you create pretty visuals, at Pinegate Road — we help you create a business that truly supports your dream life.

    After I had a my friend work through her future vision, reading through her notes had me so full of joy. Those details… the intention… the joy that will come from those little moments was almost too much for me to handle. Hah. I get SUPER excited about people’s next steps!

    Why a future vision?

    Writing your future vision is one of the first steps you need to take to truly build a business that matters.  If you’re not building your business to support the life you want to live in the future, and you’re not thinking about what that can look like, then you’re missing a HUGE opportunity!

    But…sometimes taking the time to write this out can be the hardest step because we think we have it all figured out.

    Have you ever sat down to literally write out your future vision?

    As business-owners, we are constantly thinking about next steps and possible new ideas. We know what we want to work towards, we think, so why should we take the time to write it down?

    Well…writing it down is everything.

    Actually creating that place in our heads and making it concrete by writing it down helps us understand the exact things that we need to get to this future vision. It’s the very first step. When we fail to write this down, we aren’t paving a solid path for ourselves to follow. It can get a little messy.

    When we write it down, it also gives us a chance to visualize the details.
    It gives us space to dream and think and fill in the gaps that almost never happen when we are working hard to ‘get there.’

    When we visualize those details, they start to seep into our every day actions.

    Maybe you start pinning about that future home or vacation.  Maybe you start reading a new book that lends itself to a skill that you are needing to learn when you get to that future vision. When you take that first step to write it down, you start to work those details and habits into your everyday. Step by step and habit by habit….you get there.

    This happened when I knew quitting my corporate job was in ‘my future vision.’ I didn’t know when this was going to happen, and I didn’t have a concrete plan. When I wrote down this vision 3+ years before, I was placing that intention in my life and my habits and routines started to live up to that future vision.

    I was scheduling in Pinegate Road work before I went to my 8-5, and working after work as well. I was reading business books non-stop, and I was connecting with other creatives online who were running their own businesses. When life started to change for me with my endometriosis diagnosis, I had the foundation for my future vision set up and I was ready to take that leap because I had that vision figured out. It was natural to make that next step (even though it was pretty darn scary too!).

    Today, I want you to open a google doc and take 10-20 minutes to start dreaming about your future vision. Start thinking about the details of your ideal day. What will you be wearing, what will you be doing? And most importantly…what will you be feeling?

    Cheers to getting there and enjoying the journey along the way!

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    Finding your future vision: the first step to your dream business

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    I’m Kelsey Kerslake, founder and creative director of Pinegate Road