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    Life as a Business Owner

    Life as a business owner | How to create an ideal schedule when you work from home or freelance

    July 18, 2017

    Creating an ideal schedule when you work from home or freelance is no simple feat. Now that I’m one week short of having been a full-time entrepreneur and business owner working from home, I have finally sat down to create my ideal schedule. It has taken so many mental blocks, changing things up, and figuring out my true priorities to make this happen. I personally LOVE getting a glimpse into how other creative business owners make their life and work.  I thought I’d share how I am structuring my days to work for my priorities.

    how to create a schedule when you work from home, or work for yourself

    My Schedule:

    With working for myself, came a LOT of freedom. I tried to go with the flow for the first couple months, but I was wasting so much time trying to stay organized. After I realized that I was spending a lot of my day figuring out what to do next, I knew a good schedule was what I needed to make sure I was actually getting things done and reaching my goals. This was what helped me when I created the schedule when I was working full-time and freelancing. While I thought that was temporary, it was that schedule that truly helped me leverage my time and got me to where I am today. A new schedule was necessary!



    My personal values for my life are: Friends and Family, Freedom, and Health and Wellness. I knew that in order to live my best life, I needed to fit these in first. Prioritizing my sleep was a no-brainer. I picked sleeping from 10pm – 6am as my goal.


    Health and Wellness:

    I have been working with several health professionals to help me get my life on track. Being diagnosed with Endometriosis two years ago, and recently Hashimotos, health has been a huge concern for me lately. This is always something that I drop off first, so scheduling this in was a main priority. I have a morning routine and a nightly routine that helps me start and end the day in a state of calm. I have been working with Amy Kuretsky to formulate my self-care plan, and now I have routines that specifically help me be a better me (yay!) If you want to learn more about what I’m doing specifically, download the workbook below! I go into super specific detail about my schedule and why I do what I do to live my ideal life working from home.

    Create your perfect schedule when you work from home, a free workbook


    Friends and Family:

    No matter how crazy my life may get, I know that I want to make my friends and family a priority. Even when I was the busiest I’ve ever been running Pinegate Road and working my full-time corporate job, keeping my friends and family a priority was something I was able to do by creating a schedule. Now, I have built-in free time where I can watch TV, grab dinner with a friend, and I also keep my entire weekends free to do as I please. A lot of those days are filled up with vacations and visits to loved ones, and that’s exactly how I like it.

    One of the hard things I have been working on, has been setting boundaries for my work. When I let my friends and family call at any time in the day, this is time that I then have to make up during my dedicated time to spend with them. When I let things interrupt my day, it means NOT getting to spend time with them, because I have to fill my nights and weekends with extra work to make up for the lost time. Being precious about my work day, so that I can be even more precious about my free time has been a lesson that I have learned the hard way this year.

    Do you find yourself picking up the phone, texting or calling friends and family during your work day? I know this is sometimes the big benefit of working for yourself — but at what cost? I’m all for breaking the rules now and again, but if there are no rules and this interruption is a constant in your life, you might be left feeling frazzled and chaotic. When you take these breaks, it leaves you will less and less time to focus on the task at hand — and makes you feel unproductive overall. Seriously, been there done that!

    If you’re needing to get serious about your work, and make it a priority (at times) so that you can truly fit in what you know matters in your life, you need a schedule! Click below to get the free workbook so that you can start living your days with intention and a proper schedule.

    Create your perfect schedule when you work from home, a free workbook



    Here’s the funny thing. I thought that by doing whatever I wanted, when I wanted, I was living out this value. Sure, it was nice for a couple months. I loved being able to wake up whenever, do whatever, and go with the flow. What ensued was NOT fun. I was feeling flustered, I was jumping from project to project, and I wasn’t feeling like I was accomplishing much even though I was constantly ‘busy.’ I had so much that I could do, but I wasn’t prioritizing my time to make it work for me.

    Time and time again, I’m learning that freedom comes from having your ducks in a row. Being consistent with my business and work brings in more income, and more free-time. It means I can do what I want with my free time without having to worry. That worry-free existence is TRUE freedom to me. If that means I have to create a schedule and stick to it, and create boundaries around that time so that it doesn’t spill over — it’s so worth it.

    Want to see how I schedule my days, down to the exact things I’m working on each hour as I run my business from home? Click below and download the free workbook!

    Create your perfect schedule for working from home and freelancing. A free workbook!



    How to create your ideal schedule for freelancing and working from home:

    Find your priorities and be diligent about making sure they are in your schedule first. If you are needing help to find your core values and priorities, we have a free course dedicated to that. Click here to take the Cultivate Your Brand’s Core course, for free! Next, you need to figure out the actual tasks that you need to complete to run your best business. Make a list of everything that you currently spend time on. For me, this was: writing the newsletter, business and health coaching, responding to email, social media, blog posts, client work, PGR work, etc. Write it all down, and make room for it on your schedule!

    When you’re writing this all down, it’s also a great time for you to see what is taking up a lot of time that you could hand off. Could you hire a VA to post your blog posts and create the images from your graphics? Could you hand-off some of your emails? What about client-onboarding? When you make your schedule you can get crystal clear about what is most important for YOU to do, and what you can delegate.  You can’t do everything — eventually your time will run out and you need to make sure your priorities are in check.

    Do you have an ideal schedule already? I would love to hear about the awesome changes it’s made for you!

    If not, please take some time and download the scheduling workbook. Taking time to create yours now will help you create your dream business — by making time for what matters most!

    Create your perfect schedule when you work from home, a free workbook

    life as a business owner, how to create an ideal schedule when you work from home or freelance


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