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    Portfolio: Design Lotus

    August 16, 2017

    Better late than never with these portfolio updates! Even though it’s been over a year since the Design Lotus / Design Retake, I wanted to share this branding and web design project with you all.

    Website design, Design lotus, DIY, showit, custom

    Amy and Tina have been growing a Minted shop, since….well…. the beginning of Minted! They had quite the following when it came to their designs, and were ready to upgrade their branding and their site so they could build towards their future vision. They wanted to create more of a lifestyle brand, and they also wanted to venture into blogging and DIY projects. Enter, working through the brand visioning process, a new identity, and new site with Pinegate Road!

    Website design, Design lotus, DIY, showit, custom

    They knew that getting to the core of what they were offering, and making sure that it stood out in the sea of other Minted designers was important. They had a certain vibe that they wanted to exude, but didn’t know how to bring it to life, and also didn’t know how to get strategic when it came to placing it in their industry. Working through the brand visioning process, we found the core values of: modern organic, simplicity, and heartfelt, and built that into everything they did.

    stationery web design for design lotus, minted, diy blog

    Here’s what they had to say about the process:

    “Amy and I would fully agree, having you there “holding our hand” was the best part of the process. We approached Kelsey in the fall of 2015 to help us with re-branding our stationery business. She challenged us to look intentionally at our business from perspectives we had not fully considered before – like our competition, our mission, and our core values. The homework was strategic and worth the effort. She has an immense knowledge of all aspects of business and very practical advice to succeed. We have gotten so many compliments on our rebranding and website launch. You made us look and feel so legit, baby! Thank you, Kelsey! We’ve had friends say, “I knew you had a business, but I didn’t know you had a “business” business!!!” – Tina

    It was amazing getting to work with these wonderful ladies to build out the vision for their dream business. You can check out more of their work HERE.

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    pinegate road branding studio, design lotus, portfolio


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    I’m Kelsey Kerslake, founder and creative director of Pinegate Road