Design your business to scale to 7-figures in a way that completely aligns with the life you want to live

is a high-impact COACHING PROGRAM dedicated to CREATING the foundation for your multi-six and seven figure online business. Together we will map out your 7-figure aligned business™ model, and create the team, mindset, systems, and marketing necessary to scale beyond solopreneurship.




Hit 5-figure months.

Started to bring on support for your business (or have started thinking about it), but feel like you could be utilizing support better. You’re not entirely sure how to manage a team and scale.

Realized your revenue is maxed. You can’t grow past a certain revenue the way your business is currently designed, because you don’t physically have the time to put any more clients on your calendar (or realize you’re capped based on your personal availability).

Big dreams for where you’re growing your business, and you’re up against a wall for how to make this actually happen sustainably. You think about bringing in 7 figures, but can’t figure out HOW this can happen without crazy burn-out.

You have...

Find a way to bring on team without sacrificing the personal attention and top-notch work you currently deliver to your clients. You’re all about providing an amazing experience.

Design your business to scale to multi-six and seven figures without the burn-out. You’re tempted to say you want to “keep things small” but what you’re really afraid of is losing control over the quality of your work, and growing bigger feels unknown and scary. If you could only find a way to do the work you love, deliver your clients amazing results, and scale to 7-figures…

Create new services or programs to scale beyond your current business model. You have so much you know you’re meant to impact the world with, and you want to figure out a sustainable way to grow and use your talents and gifts.

Have an Aligned Business Model™ that is completely scalable. You’re looking to get ongoing support to get your next level business running smoothly and profitably. Automations, systems, team, paid ads — let’s do this.

Grow your family, or take a longer break from your business without feeling like everything is going to burn down when you step away.

“Bus-proof your business”....if you or one of your team members got hit by a bus...would everything keep running? Would you know how to hire out the work that’s needed? You want to create a business that goes beyond YOU. You want everything set up so it can keep working for you, for your clients, and through whatever life brings (hi pandemic!)

You're ready to...

The reality is, you want to have a business that runs smoothly without relying on you. 

 You know this is the way to scale, but you don’t feel like you know how to make this happen. You’re amazing at what you do...but the business side of things? That feels a little shaky.

You’re ready to go all in with your business, and grow it to new levels. You just need the support to make this happen, from someone who has been there, and community of other high-achieving womxn by your side who are experiencing the same kind of growth you are.

You want that aligned life...

Apply now to build your 7-figure business! You have what it takes to make this happen, let's get you the support you need to scale successfully!

You know your work gets clients results. You know you’re in this business for the long-haul. You’re ready to grow your business so you can truly get to living your dream life without the hustle and burn-out it’s taken to get where you are today.

Are you ready to build your 7-figure business? I know you have everything in you to make this happen, and I would love to support you to bring this to life.

In this program, you will design your business to scale to 7-figures. You’ll be defining what you love to do, how to hire the rest out (without micromanaging team and losing control of your expert-level work), and how to build the business to support your dream life.




A dedicated year of 1:1 coaching, a community of high-achievers, and a framework to support you in designing your business to scale to 7-figures!

Everything to support you in scaling!

Apply now FOR ACCESS TO an exclusive prIvate training sharing how you can design your business to scale to 7-figures





1:1 Aligned Business Coach

You’ll get monthly 1:1 Success Sessions with your Aligned Business Coach as well as twice weekly office hours with them via Voxer. Voxer is a walkie-talkie like app on your phone where you can send voice memos and texts. With this support you'll have solid action plans to move forward each month, and  1:1 time to work through anything that is coming up for you to help you reach your big vision for your life and business.


Bi-weekly strategy & coaching calls

with Kelsey and/or the Aligned Business Coaches. You'll meet with the other members of the Mastermind and pool your experiences to help you grow your business with multi-faceted feedback. You’ll be able to submit questions prior to the calls and will be tagged in the replay if you aren’t able to make it live.


Critiques on your work, program, ads, etc!

Each week, Kelsey and the Aligned Business Coaches will personally review any work you want our feedback on. These are great ways to get our eyes on your work or program details before you put things out into the world. These can cover anything from job posts, sales pages, ad copy, website pages, etc.! You can submit up to 2 items for review every week throughout your time in the program.


Proprietary visioning homework

to allow you the time and space to get what’s in your head about your future vision out into the world. Kelsey will personally review this, and help you create a concrete vision for your future business that feels good and works for the way you want to live your life.


Mastermind Community

via Facebook. You’ll have access for check-ins and ongoing group support through a private Facebook group with all Mastermind members. Community is so important when growing your business, and surrounding yourself with others going after their big dreams can make all the difference as you head on this path!


The Aligned & Scaling Framework

This framework will provide training necessary to help you scale your faceted business to 7-figures sustainably. This will include: creating your org chart, paid ads training, designing and hiring your dream team, launching a new branch of your business, creating an automated sales system with team and automations, creating scalable and evergreen programs / services, etc.!


apply now:


Everything in the Aligned Business Academy!

You will have complete access to our signature coaching program, the Aligned Business Academy. This program is for students looking to scale to their sustainable 6-figure years. While you have a lot of this covered, there will be gaps we might want to fill in your business, and this program will be able to facilitate that so you have an even stronger foundation for scaling. You'll get access to the weekly coaching calls, Facebook community, Aligned Business Framework, and any bonus sessions we hold!

And, receive $13,000 worth of  bonuses when you enroll before March 1, 2022!

Bonus #1:

2h Private Intensive with Kelsey to structure your 7-figure Aligned Business model ($5000 value)

During this intensive, we will review your entire business model and set the plan for your 7-figure goals. We will tweak what isn't working, capitalize on what is, and make sure your have a seriously solid plan as we work together for the next 12 months.

Bonus #2:

Save up to $6,000 with the current pricing!

After March 1st, the investment is going up! Apply now to get access to the current investment rate happening now through March 1st, 2022!

As part of the Aligned Business Mastermind, you'll be set up for immediate success with access to the following:

Legal contracts licensed to use in your business, for team and your programs or projects

Sales call and Social Media Sales scripts and strategy, so you can make your investment back asap with your scaleable business model!

A wordpress / showit website template with accompanying course, so if you need a strategic website working for you — it's ready asap!

Email funnel templates, ready to nurture and sell to your audience as soon as you put in your own business info!


apply now:

You have a service-based, coaching, or online personal brand business and you’re ready to step into building a multi-six or seven figure business. You’re ready to fully step into the next big level for your online business!

Are at a point where you’re booked out, and don’t know where to take your business next. You know that you can’t take more clients on the way your business is currently structured, and you want to figure out how to scale sustainably while still delivering life-changing work to your clients.

Are ready to charge more for your services and programs, but have beliefs that are popping up holding you back from owning these higher-priced services. You want to learn how to not only work through the mindset blocks holding you back, but to confidently position your business as the go-to expert in your industry.

Know that you need to step fully into the role of CEO. You’ve been holding 17 different job titles within your business, and you’re ready to confidently hand work off and delegate so you’re not stuck with work you hate that holds you back! Relying on team feels new and a bit scary...but you’re ready to figure out how to bring them on (without going broke), and hand off work (that meets your high standards!)

You do best with accountability and support. You know you’re capable of doing this all...but also know the value of working with someone who has been there. You want to breeze past the up’s and down’s of figuring this out on your own so you can be set up for scaling success. You enjoy Kelsey’s personality (hi!! 😂) And know it would be fun to work with her individually to bring your dream biz to life this next year! In a program like this, it’s important you align personality-wise.

You want to grow your community and network with other business owners who are stepping into a bigger level for their own lives and businesses. Free Facebook groups are great and all, but you want to be surrounded by others who are at this ‘next level’ with you!

While your services are your bread and butter, you’re also curious about what bringing in passive income and creating new programs could look like for your business. With more time on your hands now that you’re not doing ALL THE WORK, you’re ready to lean into passive income streams that build upon your business foundation.



Let's do this!