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    How To Get Unstuck in Your Online Business

    February 8, 2020

    Do you ever find yourself in comparison mode with somebody else and feel like you’re not as far ahead as they are? Or find yourself spiraling into a feeling of overwhelm where you feel like you have so many things to do but have no idea where to even start?

    I’ve been there, and sometimes I still find myself in that comparison trap. 

    It’s sooooo easy to get overwhelmed when you focus on that never-ending to-do list instead of the reason why you started your online business. If this sounds like you, keep reading to find out how you can skip the overwhelm and make real progress in your online biz.


    Instead of focusing on all of the things that you should be doing to grow your online business, focus on the end result – WHY are you doing what you’re doing?

    Maybe you ultimately want to be able to spend more time with your family or feel like you’re making a positive impact in the world. Or maybe it’s that you want more sales coming into your business so you can sit back and relax a little more. 

    Your end result doesn’t have to be big and scary – it could be as simple as wanting a great night’s sleep. Sometimes when I’m feeling super overwhelmed and just want to recharge and rest, I’ll make getting a great night’s sleep my goal. I’ll take a look at my calendar and move everything that I can to another day, or I’ll write it all down in a brain dump and plan it out for different days where I know I have the capacity to get it done. Then I’ll get myself a cup of tea, relax, and plan out my night so I can make sure I’m getting a great night’s sleep because THAT is the end result that I want.

    When you focus on the result instead of the to-do list you can skip the overwhelm, stop procrastinating, and actually put one foot in front of the other to make things happen.


    So ask yourself: are you working on things right now that you don’t need to be working on? You know what I’m talking about – are you focusing on meal planning, or grocery shopping, or cleaning your house because it’s less overwhelming to focus on these things than it is to think about the details of your online business?

    Think about ways that you can delegate those other things out – maybe it looks like budgeting for a meal planning service so you can stop spending time planning out weekly meals. Or maybe it looks like hiring a cleaner to come in routinely to give your house a good clean so you can focus on your online biz.

    For your online business: maybe it’s time to hire an assistant to take some of the administrative tasks off your desk, or manage your social media, or take care of your bookkeeping.

    Whatever it is, I’m giving you permission right now to cut your to-do list down and really focus on the end result you’re going for in your biz, and then see how quickly and easily you can get to that result without trying to do all of the things in your life and business.


    When you focus on the minutia of the day-to-day instead of the end result you’re likely to feel completely overwhelmed, unsure of where to even begin, and likely to start comparing yourself to others who you think have it all together (#fact they probably don’t!)

    Then you find yourself stuck and spinning your wheels trying to check things off of your to-do list and before you know it you’ve given up and chosen to nap instead because at least that doesn’t make you feel completely overwhelmed, right?

    I touched on this above, but if you’re feeling this I want you to stop focusing on the day-to-day tasks, and instead focus on the end result you want! What is at the end of your rainbow?

    If it’s more sales in your business, ask yourself why you want more sales in your business – then focus on that answer to map out how you can make that happen starting today.

    Just one small step is all it takes! Sometimes it’s as easy as coming up with an amazing offer that you really love and are excited to share with your audience. Or it could be as simple as showing up every day and being visible to your people in some way. 

    Maybe it’s an Instagram story or live video where you’re simply telling your audience that you have this amazing offer and making it easy for them to take that next step to work with you.

    Or it could look like an invitation to your audience for a discovery call, which can turn into more sales…..and you’ll find that this one little step propels you forward WITHOUT all of the overwhelm.

    It can be that easy! The truth is, growth in online business is not always about doing so many Facebook lives every week, or building a killer sales funnel, or even posting to Instagram consistently. All of these things are great, absolutely, but without a focus on the end result you’re likely to get bogged down in the details, feel overwhelmed, and find yourself stuck in the same place over and over again.

    So stop overthinking it and get clear on what you want your end result to be….then take the first visible step to make it happen, and park the website design, rebrand, or new sales funnel for another day.

    And no, it may not look perfect on paper, but getting to that end result the quickest and most efficient way possible is what will 100% propel you forward and give you the momentum to keep going. And that, my friends, is waaaay more important than looking good on paper.

    Yes, there’s always room for improvement, but if you don’t even try you’re never going to get the results that you want, and eventually you’ll give up and move on to something else, right?

    The truth is, all of the results that you see others getting start from taking that one first step toward their end result, and then continuing to move forward, keeping that momentum going. But it’s just that one first step that makes alllllll the difference.

    So if you are feeling overwhelmed I want you to take away all of the excuses and all of the big plans and think about what is the one thing that you can do right now to move closer to your desired result. Then take that step and watch the rest fall into place (I promise!).


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