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    Episode 47, Feeding Your Creativity As a Business Owner with Jenni Heffernan Brown

    August 14, 2017



    Pinegate Road Podcast Episode 47

    We are so excited to have Jenni Heffernan Brown on the show today! Jenni is a business owner and founder at Prim’d Marketing. Prim’d is a brand strategy shop in San Francisco that helps brands write compelling stories about what’s true for them and connecting their stories with great customers! It is so fun to talk to another mastermind from a brand strategy studio! Both Pinegateroad and Prim’d got their start while we were in grad school and we both have our Masters in Fine Arts. Listen in to hear our similarities and Jenni’s journey as a creative entrepreneur as how she feeds her creativity!

    Topics we cover:

    — How Prim’d Marketing came to be
    — How to find your voice with podcasting and blogging
    — Finding collegiality
    — Being an artist and creating for the sake of creating and for fun
    — Balancing art and client work and creating without deadlines
    — The stages of business from its conception to adolescence and beyond
    — Offerings for clients at different stages of their businesses
    — How to support Clients new in their businesses as a brand strategist and designer
    — Prim’d’s Golden Hour offering for new clients and Pinegateroad’s First Steps to Freelance offering for new clients
    — The importance of data and science in branding
    — How it’s okay to start working before you have the shiny website and marketing plan
    — Going through the brand plan process as the brand strategist and finding brand values
    — How brand values evolve but the core essence stays the same throughout a brand’s life
    —How Jenni and business partner, Sophie, have fun with their clients with their Newsletter
    — Applying business values and strategies to your marriage

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    Tweet it!

    Tweet: You find your voice by using your voice @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: I was able to practice practice practice and now, hey, I’m actually good at this @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: It became larger which is great but also exhausting @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: It became larger which is great but also exhausting @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: I’m trying to go where the energy is @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: How else can I use my creativity to make art?
    [making art with friends], that sounds so dreamy @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd

    Tweet: That just fuels me, the hand lettering @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: I don’t have to worry about [hand lettering] being something that supports me @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: New business hood is totally a season @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: Taking action leads to answers (quote by Jen Sincero) @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: [We] went through our own brand plan process and it was way harder than I expected @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: We’ve always tried to make our brand approachable @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: Our Newsletter is one of the funnest things we do @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: We want to be approachable and we want to be who we are, not just a glossier and shinier version of who we are @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: It speaks to my soul @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: She, [Tara Gentile] blew my brain with everything @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: How do I focus on having fun? How can my clients feel the fun [in my work]? @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd
    Tweet: It’s so fun to think about the energy behind something instead of how it helps your bank account @pinegateroad @JenniPrimd

    Connect with Jenni:

    Prim’d Marketing
    Prim’d Marketing Instagram
    Prim’d Marketing Links
    Jenni Heffernan Brown’s Links
    Jenni Heffernan Brown’s Instagram

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