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You deserve an online presence that works as hard as you do! At Pinegate Road we have honed our experience in helping other build their businesses online for over a decade. We’ve found that thoughtful business strategy mixed with stunning design is a recipe for major transformation for your business and your customers.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect logo or to have a full digital site designed and developed, we’ve got you covered. Each of our services includes high level strategy to make sure whatever you’re creating gets the best results possible and custom design to highlight your brand’s radiance.

Fact: When your online presence isn’t created with strategy AND design that attracts your dream customers — you’re losing sales on the daily!

Is this you?

— You’re ready to impact the world with your business in a big way.

— You’re sick of feeling embarrassed by your website because it doesn’t truly reflect your amazing abilities and how you and your business can help people!

— You’ve done the DIY and are ready for your online home to feel like more than a craft project. You’re ready to feel confident about your business and how you’re showing up online.

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Our Process:

1: Intro call – We begin with a call to discuss your business vision and see how and if we can help get you to where you want to go

2: Book your project – Once we’ve both decided this is a fit, you’ll be onboarded by your account manager who will handle all the details for your project!

3: Strategy + visioning – the first part of every project is to do an even deeper dive into your business strategy and future goals. Through homework and one-on-one strategy calls, we create a solid foundation for your business so the work we create will actually get you the vision you have

4: Project creation – Here we’ll get to work on creating your project. Typical custom projects take 3-6 months to build out all the details, and you’ll be working with your account manager and experts on our team to bring your vision to life!

5: Launch – Let’s get the party started!! Now you’re ready to show up online and have your business truly work to grow your business. All of our web packages come with 30 days post-launch support to make sure your taken care of, and ongoing support packages are available to keep things growing!

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Our Strategy:

We’ve developed a four-part system that has completely transformed the way businesses show up and grow online. Step by step, this process builds an unstoppable foundation for your business and how your business shows up online and impacts the world.

1: Brand Visioning – We’re obsessed with your vision and goals for your biz! Here we build the roadmap for your business by doing a deep dive into not only the goals you have for your business, but the competitive landscape and your industry. This lays the groundwork for how your business is going to go from where you are today, to the high-impact brand and business you envision 10+ years from now.


— Brand Positioning

— Competitive Analysis

— Industry Overview

— Strategic Positioning, where we map and position your business to stand out from your competition while still fitting within industry standards

— Tagline & Clarifying Sentence

— Mission Statement

— Core Values

— Target Audience Overview

— Target Audience Problem Solves

— Marketing Next Steps, to get you to your brand vision!

2: Identity Design – Let’s get this brand shining! In this next step, we bring your Brand Visioning to life through strategic and beautiful design. This is where most brand designers start, and here at Pinegate we know that for a logo and identity system to truly work, it needs to be grounded in strategic thinking that helps you truly accomplish your business goals and make a mark on your industry (pun intended!)


— Mood board

— Primary Logo

— Secondary Logo

— Mark

— Monogram

— Wordmarks

— Pattern + Texture

— Colors

— Typefaces

— Business Card

— Stickers

— Notecard

— Worksheet Template

3: Experience Design – Here’s where we put your new branding to work based on the marketing you’re using to grow your business. In this step, we take your beautiful new brand identity and pair it with your strategy and create the pieces and parts for how your business will be showing up online. Each of these experience design choices give you a system and a plan to put your best business forward and how up in a unique way that feels like you and sets your business apart from the crowd.


— Photography Visioning, art direction for your brand photography!

— Packaging Design Templates

— Instagram Visioning, includes a comprehensive strategy and templates

— Pinterest Visioning, includes an SEO audit, custom templates, and implementation

— Templates for Graphics, for your blog or social media accounts

— Sale Funnel Flow, mapping out how and where how your sales will come into your business so you always have a plan

— Coaching Intensive, for those needing extra training on sales, mindset, fine-tuning your offerings, etc.

— Newsletter Visioning, includes templates and a general strategy for your email marketing

— Marketing Schedule, includes a map of where you’ll be showing up online, how often, and with what content.

4: Your Website – Now we build your online home…hooray! Mixing in strategy throughout this process and mapping out how it will be worked into every step of your website design makes sure that your new online home actually works to grow your business. This is key, and something that so many web designers miss when they aim for a site that is simply pretty! Our thoughtful process makes sure your online home will be built in a way that supports your goals now AND into the future – with intuitive building practices and available ongoing support from our team to keep you growing.

Note: We build on WordPress, or with Shopify if you have an ecommerce business.


— Web Homework

— Web Checklist

— Strategy Call

— Photography Visioning, typeface, and color choices to make sure your brand is showing up on-point! (Done if you are starting with a website without the steps above)

— Web Flow, where we map out your business goals and show you how and where they are working in each page of your website

— Copy checklist, for you to hand off to your copywriter

— Homepage Design PDF

— Full Site Design PDF

— Development

— Launch!!!

— 30-days post-launch support

— Ongoing support packages are available

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