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3 Ways To Live Your Best Life as an Entrepreneur

Do you ever feel that, as an online business owner, you’re always learning? I don’t mean just in terms of any investment in your continuing education, masterclasses, or business courses – I mean business and life lessons that you learn as you grow…the type of lessons that, once learned, allow you to live your best life as an online entrepreneur?

Well, I’ve been learning a ton lately, in both life and business and I wanted to share my lessons with you so you can be one step ahead of the curve, so here goes!

3 lessons I’ve been learning in life and business lately:

LESSON ONE:  I’m learning that life and business is one big cycle and that you never really get “there.” 

When I made my first huge business investment over 2 years ago, I thought that would be it! Like I’d committed to this big next level, and I’d be set. Well….a couple of weeks ago, I made another HUGE investment in my business, and it has me back to square one, but like, on a different level? Ugh, see..messy here. I had mostly convinced myself this wasn’t the right time, that it was financially ‘unsafe’ to make this decision, and that it could wait until I felt more prepared to put in the time, money, and energy to make this happen.

Well…ahhh…I did it, and it’s been the kick in the pants I have needed in the best way possible. The time I didn’t think I had? Well, making this commitment made me FIND THE TIME. That energy I thought was spent? I’m pumped up and excited every day to show up to do the work that is part of this investment. The money I didn’t have? Crazy opportunities have opened up, and money has been flowing to me with ease. It’s crazy pants! I still feel like small peanuts among my 7-figure business owner peers — but it’s the most uncomfortable and best thing I could have done for myself and my business right now.

I’ve realized that to keep growing, we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. That big investment I made 2+ years ago? That feels easy peasy now! The revenue months that made me freak out with excitement when I first started hitting them? That’s my new norm. Pushing past your current normal and your current comfort…is what gets you to those big dreamy places you’re envisioning for your business and life. It doesn’t come from staying safe and choosing comfort.

The reflection & lesson:

Where are you holding back because of fear? Are you telling yourself you can’t have or do something because it isn’t the right time, you don’t have the money or the energy to follow through? Is this thing in alignment with where you want to be in the future? The time is NOW if so! When you make these choices, there is a SHIFT that happens in your core…your identity changes to become the person you have been wanting to be. It’s in these choices that you become that future version of you!

LESSON TWO: I’m learning that I deserve to invest not only in my business but in myself. 

Recently, I have been investing in who future me is…which has lead me down a rabbit hole. That Louis Vuitton bag that future Kelsey has that she bought for herself and not as a hand-me-down? I went out and did the thing!! The amazingly comfortable and fun tops, jewelry, and hair accessories future Kelsey effortlessly wears? Did that too. The nightly rituals of kava and valerian root tea future Kelsey drinks as she winds down for the day listening to an audiobook? Check, and check. I’ve been not only investing money but time and energy into being who future Kelsey is. 

The change that this has had in my life has been incredible. The energy that comes from simply picking up my new bag as part of my everyday experience…wow. I was intellectualizing how trivial that was for years. Now that it’s my reality, I feel like my ‘best self’ every day, and the positive energy that simply walking out the door with this bag has in my life has been contagious! So so so silly…and so worth it!!  Putting in thought and intention into ME and how I want to be showing up and experiencing even the littlest of details in my life has infused soooo much energy and positivity into my daily experiences.

The reflection & lesson:

What have you been wanting that future you has? Why aren’t you making this happen? What small things can you change up in your life to feel like your best self? When we can incorporate these into our daily lives, we start to become the person we’ve envisioned. 

LESSON THREE: I’m realizing the way I think about time has a direct correlation on my happiness. 

I’ve been listening to Kate Northrup’s Do Less book, and it’s been eye-opening! The biggest thing that has been hitting me, is the intentional time I spend with my family where I’m not worried about the next thing or how long it’s taking. I’m so grateful to live a life where I only have a few time-based appointments each week. 90% of the time I’m able to be off schedule and it doesn’t affect anyone but me. When I can take time to be in the moment instead of thinking about getting things done so I can get on to the next task…my positive energy and gratitude soars!

An example of this lately has been the time I get to spend with my son Carter. He just turned 10 months, and he’s been the cutest babbling, crawling, jumping little guy ever. While I’m in the kitchen, I’ve been taking things slow. I put him in his walker, and he moves around talking and trying to chase the dog. He’ll even in super cute moments come up to me, and start petting my legs or my pants and taking his time to explore and feel the fabric. He’s not worrying about time. He is living in the moment and enjoying what it is to be alive. In these moments, I get to his level and simply be. I am with him, and we explore life from a (new to me) window. It’s soooo fun to be IN these moments whole-heartedly. It’s been my mission lately to notice them, accept them, and drop my sense of time to be completely present.

The reflection & lesson:

What everyday moments are you missing because you’re thinking about the next thing on your to-do list? Are you truly engaging with and experiencing the beauty in the moment? How can you take time to sit back and take in all that you already have? These are the moments that make up our lives. Taking the time to be present with them is what makes a life well lived! As Kate says in her book: we’re not going to remember the moments that we did dishes and thought about the emails we had to respond to…we’ll remember the moments we did dishes and happily sang along to our little ones while they happily ate their dinner.

I know that building a life you love comes from having a business that supports it. If you’re running an online business, but you’re stressed out about all the things you need to do to keep it afloat (while paying your bills AND getting 8 hours of a sleep a night)…ask yourself: is that really the life you want to be living?

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See you there!

Xo Kelsey

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