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    25 ways to create an epic brand experience

    February 16, 2020

    When you’re building your online business, you’ve probably thought about how important it is to put yourself out there in a way that attracts your ideal people. You want to feel amazing about the work you’re creating, and how it’s presented. You truly do care about what other people think (in a good way) because you know that the experience they are having with your business is how they are making purchasing decisions. Often times business owners look to get a logo created so that they have a beautiful look and feel to their business that shows who they are and what they are about at first glance.

    Here’s the thing: your brand is so much more than your logo design!

    While your logo is a part of your brand, there are so many details that go into creating a brand experience that attracts your ideal clients. When you’re creating your business, every detail that you create….every word you speak…every piece of clothing you’re putting on…is creating your brand. It’s these details that come together to create an amazing experience that speaks to your ideal people…without you actually having to speak a word.

    Have you ever been to a website, or experienced someone on stage…and you just knew they were the type of business owner you wanted to be around / buy from / go and follow on Instagram? This is because they have put thought and intention into how they are showing up, and the details they are presenting to the world when they show up as their business. These details are what create that magnetic experience, and this is powerful.

    Whether or not you are putting time and intention into these details, potential clients are noticing and taking it all in. They might not specifically know that it’s one of these things that’s missing…but they will create intuitive assumptions about your business through these brand experience details. When it comes down to it, whether or not you’re creating the details of your brand initially, you’re making an impact on your people — positively or negatively! When brands think about these and use these places as opportunities to deliver an on-brand experience — they can attract more ideal people to their business. Their people will feel so seen and heard because they are intentionally being attracted through allllll the details!

    Here are 25 ways you can create an intentional brand experience that will super attract your ideal clients and customers: 

    1: Your email signature: Are you giving your people the next step in your signature? Are you designing a graphic that shows your face? What is the next step you’d like someone to take here, and what is the impression you want to give?

    2: Your website: How are your customers flowing through your website experience? What next step do you want them to take? Do the colors, typefaces, and photos show off the best you?

    3: Your social media profiles: How are you coming across to new people? Are you positioning yourself as an expert here? How are you attracting your people with your messaging / visuals?

    4: Your voicemail: When someone calls you, how do you sound? Are you giving your name or a business name?

    5: Your wardrobe: How do your clothes make you feel? Do you show up as your best business self when you’re picking out your clothes or showing up online?

    6: Your Instagram: How are you connecting with people? How does your bio explain what you do and how you help people?

    7: Your Pinterest board covers: When someone goes to your Pinterest, would they want to follow you right away? Does your profile show a cohesive vision? Is it working to attract your people?

    8: Your business cards: How do these feel? Are they cheap and cost-effective, or did you spend extra money on high-quality materials? How do you want your people to feel about the cards when they first encounter them?

    9: Your elevator pitch: Do you know how to quickly ask for what you want / need in a short encounter? Knowing what you need and how to ask for it quickly and in a personal way can be a huge asset when at networking events.

    10: Your introduction: Creating a statement that says what you do, who it’s for, and the transformation you provide. Don’t be fluffy with this! Simple sells.

    11: Your makeup / personal style: How do you groom yourself? Do you wear make-up? What accessories do you love? How do you feel like YOU visually?

    12: Your newsletter template: When you send an email, what makes it YOURS? What images are you using, what colors, fonts, and graphics?

    13: Your photos: Do you have a style when it comes to your photos? Do you have professional brand photos done that make you feel like your best you?

    14: Your blog post templates: How do your blog templates explain your brand experience? Why should someone look into your post further? What do they say about the content they will then read or listen to?

    15: Your gifts / welcome gifts / parting gifts: Do you send gifts to your clients? How do you welcome them into your services or programs? How do you want them to feel as they are onboarded and offboarded from your services?

    16: Your personal stationery: Do you have branded stationery? This can be an amazing touch to add to your business that takes things to the next level.

    17: Branded swag: Do you have pens / notebooks / folders / water bottles / mugs that are branded to your business? These can be great for photoshoots, Instagram stories, and events.

    18: Your welcome packet / info packet for new customers: How are your people being welcomed into your programs? Do you have beautifully branded and designed welcome material? How are you presenting this? How is it making your people feel?

    19: Your mission statement: What do you stand for, and what are your core values? How can these be felt across your brand experience?

    20: Your about page (really, it’s ABOUT your customer and how you uniquely provide the help they are looking for!): Are you talking to your people? How are you making them feel seen and heard throughout this page?

    21: Your tagline: Does this feel like you? Does it let your people know the core of what your business provides?

    22: Your social media header images: When someone comes to any social media profile, do you have a header image that feels like you, and lets people know about your business or a next step? Does this give a thoughtful experience about what they can expect to find as they interact with your profile?

    23: Your catchphrases: What are certain phrases or words you use? How can you use them in your brand and messaging consistently? When people hear these, they think: “Ah, that’s so (your name here)!”

    24: Your office or working space: When you show up on video calls, what does the background look like? How does your working space make you feel? Does it feel on-brand?

    25: Your process: How can you bring your personality and core values to the processes you’re creating for your business? What themes or details make them feel so you?

    Are you ready to build a lasting business to support the life you truly want to be living? Do thinking about these details make your head spin a little?

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