Hi there, my fellow dream chaser and passionate entrepreneur.

You’ve probably heard that branding is crucial to growing a profitable and long-lasting business, and if you’re like most new creative business owners, you know that having a put-together brand is what will set you apart from the crowd and bring in business. But truth be told, you don’t really know what ‘having a brand’ entails. Does branding mean your logo? Is it your color palette? Is it something else?

Maybe you know that branding is more than just a logo, but doing what any savvy entrepreneur does when starting out, you probably had to DIY. This meant your brand colors were left to whatever you were loving at the moment, and you picked fonts you already had installed on your MacBook. You were making the right steps forward, and it was working for your business for a bit, but now you’ve hit a plateau. You know you’re missing something to get to the next step and pull it all together, and you don’t know where to turn.

Or maybe you are starting a new venture and want to start with a bang! You’ve scoped out your competition and realized you don’t know exactly where to place yourself in your industry, or what unique role you occupy in the market.

You may realize by now that you don’t have anything that truly marks your brand as your brand. You’re doing OK, but there is nothing that makes you stand out in a crowded online world. How do you even start figuring this stuff out when you aren’t a designer and have no idea what the difference between serif and script (say what?) is, or how to even go about choosing colors that will speak to your brand’s values?

Pinegate Road is here to help you friend! We help build brand foundations for dream chasers, game changers, and entrepreneurs with heart.

We will probably get along swimmingly if you are passionate about making big things happen, are chasing your dreams, and want to take that next big leap with your business or passion project. Whether you are a coach, artist, photographer, or any other passionate business owner, Pinegate Road can help you build your brand from the foundation up, giving you clarity and vision in all that you do.

If you are ready for your brand’s visuals to speak directly to the values and mission of what your business stands for, then we should talk!

We’re here to build the foundation of your brand. We’ll work alongside you every step of the way so you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to reach all the awesomeness that your business will be once you have your bases covered and a solid foundation to grow from.

My name is Kelsey Cronkhite, and I am the branding strategist and creative director behind this operation. Having graduated with an MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, you could say visual design has always been my passion. In addition to Pinegate Road, I also specialize in hand lettering and typography. You may have seen some of my hand-lettering in mass retailers like Target, or on signage in shops around the country. I love bringing my passion for design details and strategy into all that I do.

As a small business owner, I completely understand how hard it can be to find your space in this online world, and as a designer, I know you can’t create a perfect visual image for a brand until you understand the foundation of your brand. To have a cohesive brand, you need to figure out how to experience your core business values in every interaction. We’re here to help you find and live your brand foundation throughout all that you do and put out into the world.

I also have a team of talented designers and experts in copy and photography who work alongside me. We ensure every brand we have the honor of working with walks away with the perfect design elements that are true to their core values and their specific needs. With the power of a team at your hands, you have the experience of working like you would with an individual designer who is passionately invested in you and your business, and you also get the benefits of having several experienced creatives brainstorming and developing together to create elements that are perfect for your brand.

Every creative business is unique, and you deserve to have thoughtfully considered designs built exclusively for your business and its needs. Does your DIY brand need unique photo backdrops so your brand value of creativity shows through on your Instagram? We’re here to brainstorm what can work for your brand and your values to make an impactful brand experience that leaves your audience with a lasting and positive impression.

Having worked with creative businesses to hone in on their brand foundations for the past five years, I can tell you with certainty: most businesses don’t really understand how to leverage the power of their values in their brand and what that can do to their bottom line.

If that’s you, no worries — now you’ve got me in your corner! Part branding expert, part designer, and part best-creative-friend who is going to tell you like it really is, I weave all my expertise into your brand, helping your business stand out in whatever industry you’re venturing into.

Brand Visioning with Pinegate Road is unlike traditional branding services because we don’t start with the visuals. Oh no, my friend, we dive deep into the core of your business and how you see your business making a difference in the world

We start with intensive brand homework that we use to get to know the why behind your brand’s existence, where you’re heading, and how we can help you get there. Paired with a brand visioning call, this process is proven to get to the heart of your business and what matters most. If you’ve never done this kind of brand building before, it can be extremely eye opening and inspiring (prepare to get a new kind of cozy with your brand ;) )

As part of this process, we look at your competitors and how they are placed in the market. Part of our job is not only doing a deep dive into your business, but also in to your industry. We want to leverage what is going on in your industry, fit you in, and at the same time set you apart from your competition in a way that consumers will not be able to get enough of. All in a way that makes sense to you and those working for you. Seriously, we get really dorky and make charts and graphs for it all so that you and I can understand exactly where that strategic sweet spot is to help your business thrive design-wise — and it’s so worth it gain that careful understanding and foundation for your brand.

From here we also explore and define your dream customer so you can really get to know them. When you truly know your consumer, you can begin to build your business for them, and that is what audiences love and what creates big business growth!

So, what’s included in the Brand Visioning Guide?

I’m so glad you asked!

Brand Visioning includes:

— Your brand’s core values: Just like every person is unique, so is every brand. Defining your brand’s core values is the first start to making sure you build a truly unique brand foundation.
— Mission statement: This is your elevator pitch. The mission takes your brand’s core values and pairs it with purpose. This statement solidifies what you do and how you do it so you can stand out as the unique and awesome business that you are.
— Competitive Analysis: Here we take a deep dive into your industry and figure out who you are competing with for your audience’s attention. By getting to know your competitors at a deeper level, you can then position yourself in a unique place in whatever industry you are in.
— Strategic positioning: After we take that deep dive, here is where we get all nerdy. Yep. Charts and graphs. Let us help you visually understand how to stand out and position yourself in a crowded market in a way that is clear and measurable — now that’s something you don’t find in those traditional ‘branding packages.’
— Audience Assessment: Who is your ideal client? By the time we are done with your brand visioning, you’ll know her like your own BFF. What are her passions, where does she go for the latest news? What matters most to her? When you know your audience, you can build a brand that they feel immediately a part of and understood by — now that’s customer service!
—Visual Approach: Now that we understand your brand foundation at its core, we’re ready to pull out the visuals to match. Let us take our expertise in visual branding and share your business’ story with gusto. The minute a prospect lands on your website, or sees your Facebook ad, they should already have a sense of what your business is all about. Let’s make that happen with swoon-worthy visuals that match everything we learned about your business in this discovery process. Yes, this is where we build your logo ;)

Your brand is powerful. It is also that one elusive thing that makes people connect with some brands way more than others. You know how you come across brands and think: “Wow, they have got it going on! I want that for my brand…but what is it?” With the brand visioning process, you can have it. I want you to be overjoyed with the experience of defining your brand’s foundation and creating a final visual approach that screams the essence of what your business is all about. Clients that have worked with me are amazed at the clarity and focuses the Pinegate Road services bring to their business. Brand Visioning has been a game changer for many:

“I loved how you thought about the brand as a whole and not just as a logo or a site like so many designers do.” Sarah Khandjian, Sarah Hearts

“[What made our project successful is that] you really took the time to listen to what I wanted and understand my brand’s vision, aesthetic, and goals.” Valerie Soloman, CEO Busy Mom Gets Fit

“Thanks again for everything Kelsey! You really helped me discover a TON about my aesthetic, and my goals and you helped me organize my ideas. I can’t wait to see where this blog and brand takes me, so thank you!” Autumn Hachey, Social Media Director

Brand Visioning Services Packages begin at $1500. Each Brand Visioning Package includes:

A Brand Visioning Guide that will define your brand foundation:
· your business’ core values
· mission statement
· competitive analysis
· strategic positioning for your business
· audience assessment
· mood board

For an addition:
· A Visioning Refinement Call
· Logos for all media needs
· Wordmarks
· Patterns and Textures
· Brand Colors
· Plus: A final Brand Board including all your new branding elements!

Want more of this branding goodness? I’m so glad to hear it. We can add on any of the following services:

· Social Media Branding
· Newsletter Visioning
· Copy Direction
· Photography
· Pinterest Visioning
· Instagram Visioning
· Custom Web design through squarespace and wordpress
· Anything else your heart desires. Just ask!

We’re here to build you an amazing brand experience, and we leverage creative experts to make that happen. That’s the cool thing about this kind of studio — if we don’t do it, we’ll find and work with someone who does. We’ll work hand-in-hand with the experts to make sure you’re building a cohesive brand experience throughout all that you do.

Your brand identity shouldn’t be limited to your logo, and a few fonts. Your brand is a reflection of you, so let’s make it absolutely stunning.

Ready to dive into your brand and get that clarity and visual identity you’ve always dreamed of? Please schedule a Brand Visioning Discovery Call with me below and let’s bring your brand vision to a visual reality. I can’t wait to meet you and hear about your new venture!

We have 2 spots left for Brand Visioning for 2016, with the next availability starting in mid-October. Contact me for a free consultation to see how Pinegate Road can fit with growing your business this year!

Yes! I want to build an authentic brand vision.

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