Values-Based Color Palette: Summer by the Lake

I’m pumped to share the new value-based color palettes with you today! As we get ready to launch web templates using Showit, there is one awesome feature that I am so excited for your guys to use on your new sites — the color tool!

In Showit, when you get your new site, they will be in black and white and grey. There is a design editor, in which there are 8 colors that you get to pick that will automatically update your site with your new look. In this new series, I’m creating different color palettes for you to use on your new PGR Template, as well as for your brand.

Here at Pinegate Road, we are all about living from your core values — from your life to your business. Picking your brand’s color palette is NO different! A couple times a month, I’ll add a new palette here along with values and different ways that you can use these palettes for your life and business. They also pair perfectly with the numbering system that works in Showit.

Value-based color palettes for a classic and timeless brand: Summer by the lake

Value-based color palette: Summer by the Lake

This color palette is all about classic americana. This is not for a trendy brand, but one that has values like classic, vintage, and timeless. All of these colors are a little desaturated. This gives them a cool and casual feel that brings you lake-side in your mind (at least it does for me!). This would be great for a personal blog, a clothing line, or an education website.

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Value-based color palettes for a classic and timeless brand: Summer by the lake

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  1. Naim

    November 14th, 2017 at 10:43 AM

    Your color combination idea is great and the design template is really creative. I Like it.

  2. Kelsey

    November 14th, 2017 at 1:23 PM

    Thanks so much Naim!