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Who is into bullet journaling? Are you wondering what that is? Today I have Kate Baird on the show, and she will be sharing about how she uses bullet journaling to keep up with so many different things going on in her life. Kate is also sharing about her journey going from architecture, to web design, and finally finding her favorite career in real estate. If you are thinking about switching up careers, have switched up careers, or are just wanting to try new hobbies that are outside the realm of what you normally do, this is a great episode for you to listen to. Kate is amazing at trying out new things, and going with the flow. I think we can all learn something from how she goes about moving towards the next steps in her life.

topics we cover:

— Kate’s past and how it has influenced where she is today in her career
— Learning about the realities of going into a certain educational program. What you thought the program would be like, and what it was actually like.
— Starting a blog, and how that can transition into new passions and possibly even a career.
— Doing contract work through another company as a means to grow expertise and eventually go out on your own.
— How blogging can be a way to process your life
— Starting new things, and how that can add value to your life and happiness
— All about bullet journaling! CLICK TO 32:58 in the show if you just want to listen about bullet journaling.
— How to go from ‘knowing’ about bullet journaling to doing it yourself
— Tip from Kate: search #bulletjournal for ideas on twitter, pinterest, and instagram!

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