Pinegate Road Podcast: Episode 5, working through creative blocks with Janelle Hardy



Get ready for a huge treat. In this episode, I am talking with Janelle Hardy — an expert in creativity and so much more. While this podcast is still new, more than any conversation I’ve had in recent years, this one with Janelle has opened my eyes and my personal understanding of myself and my creativity more than any other. If you’re a person who is wanting to use your creativity more in your life, if you’re stuck in ANY part of your life, or if you’re wondering about how creativity flows in other’s lives — this is your episode. I personally have so many realizations about my past and how to go about my future, and I hope that the lessons Janelle shares here will help you realize some of the ‘lies’ you’ve been telling yourself and working through them to a happier future.

topics we cover:

— The stages of the creative cycle: idea generating, active creation, and then rest
— How our North American culture often skips the rest stage and how detrimental that is to our creativity and flow
— What happens when you skip the rest stage, and how that applied to my life with my recent transition
— How our world accepts and honors extroverted qualities, and how to work through this and persevere when you’re an introvert
— How to accept your sensitivity and emotions and how to live life in a way where your personality will thrive
— When you honor your sensitivity and creativity, the ‘doing’ portion of your work becomes less work and more fun. It flows.
— Creative writing and its place in everyone’s personal development
— The negative beliefs we have about ourselves, and how to change these narratives
— What being stuck in these personal lies (or myths) look like, and when to realize it and move yourself forward
— When you’re a type A, driven, overachieving personality type: how you can work through the negative side effects of this personality

Show Links:

Whitehorse Canada, where Janelle is from
The Artists Way by Julia Cameron
Janelle’s course

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Tweet: Being from the Yukon has played a big part in my identity, as well as my resourcefulness in being creative

Tweet: There’s a busy energizing stage to the creative cycle, and there’s a stage where you have to rest and sleep more

Tweet: When you’re an introverted and sensitive person, fitting into an extroverted world takes so much work

Tweet: Doing flow writing helped me access these gems of ideas and desires and abiding threads in my life

Tweet: We all have our big sad story and those beliefs about ourselves that leave us stuck

Tweet: We have an amazing opportunity to question ourselves and ask if we are going to participate in believing these myths

Tweet: That’s the stuckness: the overanalyzing, the ‘things need to be perfect before I take action’

Tweet: Nothing is going to be perfect; perfect doesn’t exist

Tweet: The most important thing to moving forward from blocks is to get comfortable being uncomfortable

Tweet: I think I’m old enough now to know that you really never grow up

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