Pinegate Road Podcast: Episode 3, my journey from art student, to corporate america, to creative entrepreneur



Today, I’m here to share about my journey. Whenever I start listening to a new podcat, or really getting into someone’s blog, I love to know about them and their story. I’m hoping that this episode serves as a kind of catch-up on everything that has happened so far in my creative journey. I go from my high school years to where I am today, and how I’ve made choices and worked through different issues to get where I am today. I feel a little awkward one: talking about myself so much, and two: talking TO myself here, but I’m hoping that this might serve as a nice reference point for anyone who wants to learn more about the person behind the podcast.

topics I cover:

— Trying everything, and learning to find what I didn’t want in life
— Learning to get out of situations that weren’t fitting useful for my life
— Following my passions, and starting a blog
— How the blog turned from a place of self-reflection to a full-blown business
— Applying for and getting my dream job + a move across the country
— Going through all sorts of life transitions, from career, to relationships
— Figuring out what truly makes me happy, and building my life around that — not building my life around accomplishments or what the world views as successful
— Finding my life and business values, and how that helped me decide on next steps
— Learning about my chronic health condition that eventually changed my career trajectory
— How I worked up the decision to leave my corporate job
— How I told my boss I was leaving the company, and how the transition went
— Plans for the future

Show Links:

Elizabeth Vaughn, natural doctor in North Carolina
Endometriosis on WebMd, for anyone wanting to learn more about this disease
Dave Ramsey
Whole 30
Designer Vaca
Erika Dillon

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Tweet: Tip for anyone looking to go to grad school: look to see if you can become an employee of the school and get benefits like class credits!

Tweet: A great way to start a new income stream is to throw yourself out there, and think of it as practice. Learn from it, and keep growing!

Tweet: “When I first started, I was getting my name out there, but not even on purpose. It was more out of the joy of doing design” — @pinegateroad

Tweet: All of those learning experiences really add up. Keep at it, and eventually you’ll look back and realize just how far you’ve come

Tweet: It was so helpful to have my side-hustle already happening when I decided to leave my corporate job, because I wasn’t starting from nothing.

Tweet: Being open about why I was leaving my job, and telling everyone what was going on and why, was so helpful in making a positive transition.

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