The Pinegate Road Podcast, Episode 26: Building a Confident Business with Kelsey Cronkhite



What does life look like six months into running my business? That’s what I’m going to be sharing with you in today’s episode. Also, because it’s the beginning of the year I wanted to talk about my word of the year and how I’m building that into my business. This was a really good chance to catch up with all of you and I’m also sharing my insights about growing a confident business. These are the strategies and ideas I’m experimenting with this year and they might be helpful for you too!

Topics we cover:

— What I learned from my “selfish year”
— How I focused on building community in my life and business last year
— Why I chose the word “confidence” as my word for 2017
— The growing pains I experienced when hiring my assistant and how it helped me to clarify what I really need help with in my business
— How investing in my business has really helped to boost my confidence
— My decision to hire a business coach and a health coach
— The fact that hiring a coach can be a great way to take in information when you’ve reached a place of overwhelm
— How my Build a Booming Brand course helps you get really clear on your values and competitively position your business
— My plans for taking control of my finances this year
— Getting clear on the high-level aspirations for my business after having accomplished everything I set out to do over the past few years
— Exploring my personal role in my business
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Tweet: Investing in your business is a great way to grow your confidence.

Tweet: Hiring a coach can really help you cut through information overload.

Tweet: Future visioning and writing out your aspirations means you’re headed somewhere – and that’s important!

Tweet: Understanding your strengths and unique qualities will help you know what to focus on in your business.

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