Behind the Brand Podcast: Episode 6, all about podcasting with Angel Yarde



If you’re into podcasting, this episode is for you! In this episode, I am talking with Angel Yarde all about podcasting. Angel launched a successful entrepreneurial podcast with her co-host last year called Heart and Hustle. With this being so new to me, and podcasting becoming such a fun way for people to have a new outlet, I wanted to talk to Angel about all things podcasting. It was my hopes that between the two of us, you’ll know the basics of what it takes to start a podcast, and get some inspiration for your own if you’re thinking about starting one. At the very least, you’ll get a behind the scenes look into how podcasts are created, hear some fun stories, and get to learn a little more about two business owners going after some of their passion projects. Enjoy!

topics we cover:

— How Angel started designing, and was 150% self-taught. She now owns TWO businesses, as well as the podcast, and she shares about this journey.
— What you need to plan before you start a podcast
— Differentiating a podcast from what was out there
— Getting into speaking gigs
— The differences between podcasting solo or with a co-host
— Splitting the duties and working with a co-host
— The different things you need to pay for to start a podcast, and what each of us did for our podcasts
— Tips and tricks for launching your podcast
— Hiring out your editing for podcasts
— The time that podcasting takes
— Angel’s advice for what to think about when you’re starting and how to figure out the beginning details

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Tweet it!

Tweet: It’s important to bring your personality into what you do. That’s what a podcast is.

Tweet: We need different voices, and different experiences. There’s room for everyone to have a voice in a podcast

Tweet: Starting a podcast has been a really great form of self-discovery

Tweet: Podcasting has been an extra way to push out content, even when you’re not blogging

Tweet: In order to grow, you can’t be doing everything yourself

Tweet: Being on a podcast is a great way to hone your voice and share your gifts of knowledge

Tweet: The most unknown thing about podcasting before you get into it: the large amount it takes to actually make it happen

Tweet: Having a co-host forces you to get organized

Tweet: When you’re starting a podcast, start as you are. Focus on being you and what you want to do for a long time

Connect with Angel:

Angelica Yarde is graphic designer, web developer, speaker, editor/owner of Studio 404, and co-host of the Heart + Hustle Podcast. Located in Central Florida, Angelica co-owns a branding strategy and web design agency, Sevenality, with her husband and they love utilizing design to help develop brands. She is also a (mostly) devoted yoga student and type admirer.
Studio 404
Heart and Hustle Podcast

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