Behind the Brand Podcast, Episode 20: Making the transition from service-based business to passive income through course creation, with Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats



Making the transition from service-based business to passive income through course creation, with Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats

Are you looking to create more passive income in your business? Kelsey Baldwin of Paper + Oats built up her business from a design studio to a product shop and now she sells courses full-time. In this episode we talk about why she decided to start building courses, and how she differentiates herself in the market. She’s also a single mom raising her daughter by herself while doing all of this, so we got into that as well. If you have a family, are looking to start a family, want to learn more time management, or just figure out how to work in a flow that works for your body, this will be a great episode for you as Kelsey offers a lot of tips based on how she’s making it work in her life.

Topics we cover:

— The value of the early work experience we got while still in school
— Deciding to move from working in an agency to going freelance when she got pregnant
— How Kelsey’s focus naturally moved from branding to designing digital products
— Why she moved away from one-to-one client work to exclusively creating and selling courses
— The steps she took to make sure this was a financially sustainable transition
— The parts of client work that we don’t necessarily enjoy
— Figuring out whether your course will stand out within the market
— The techniques Kelsey uses to validate her course ideas to ensure people are actually going to buy it
— How she manages raising her daughter on her own while running her business
— Kelsey’s decision to move from Nashville to Missouri
— Networking with other creative entrepreneurs in your local area
— The importance of finding your brand’s core values
— How Kelsey structures her work days with a toddler
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