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Could hiring a business coach be the next step in unleveling your business? Eryn Morgan is a business and marketing specialist through her business Eagle + Mouse. She really built her business around relationship building and she has great advice for being really intentional about this when it comes to marketing your business in a non-sleazy way. If you’re thinking about hiring a business coach or are wondering what a business coach can do for you, Eryn provides a lot of clarity on this. And she also talks about the limitations of group programs and when one-to-one support might be the right next step.

Topics we cover:

— How Eryn built up experience with the ins and outs of self-employment before fully striking out on her own
— The experience of her husband’s illness that helped Eryn clarify it was time to do her own thing
— The length of time it took for both of us to find some semblance of balance after starting to work from home
— How her business name, “Eagle + Mouse” represents the in-depth services Eryn offers her clients
— The boundaries that she sets with her clients and the structure she’s created to set up her ideal days
— Managing periods of hustle and dividing up the types of work you do in a given month
— My core values and what I’m doing to prioritize them on a day-to-day basis
— Nurturing the relationships you already have as the most effective way to market your business
— A simple mindset shift for people who don’t want to be “sales-y”
— Knowing that you’re ready to hire a business coach and what to look for in a coach
— The benefits and limitations of group coaching programs
— Eryn’s advice for hiring a course and getting over your financial doubts
— The mindset and self-care practice that she does every morning
— Thoughts on finding more fulfilling and supportive work for those struggling in the education field
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Tweet: “Those people who like you and get to know you are lifelong fans.”

Tweet: “There is always a place in your business where you have a blind spot, a challenge, a weakness.”

Tweet: “Who is the best person to lead you from where you are to where you want to go?”

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