Behind the Brand Podcast, Episode 42, Grow Your Business and Live the Life that you Love, with Marian Mellen



Grow Your Business and Live the Life that you Love, with Marian Mellen

Today we have Marian Mellen on the show to talk about how to grow your business and live the life that you love. Marian has grown her brand and business to bring positivity and authenticity to women’s lives. She cultivated her passion and skills of teaching and her why as a business owner. She talks about how she started her business Zen Bird and expanded to her Heart and Soul Workshops. We had a heart and soul connection in this episode as we went deeper with things that I didn’t even realize was going on in my life.


Topics we cover:

— Going deeper into the Why behind our businesses
— How to cultivate more authentic conversations and friendships and more meaningful questions to ask
— Sharing deeper elements of yourself to your clients and the world
— How, as people, we are constantly branding ourselves
— Valuing simplicity and how it helps us focus on authenticity and self-love
— Rituals of self-love and self-care and the benefits of minimalism
— Using tools to pull ourselves out of negative self-talk and to grow business
— Going back to our core values, whether personal or business, and defining what success looks like to different people
— Challenges of growing a business and how to combat those by sticking to our core values


Show Links:

Heart and Soul Workshops
The Zen Bird
Zoom Conference
Book Rec: Introvert Power


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— So Many People Don’t Realize They Are Branding Just by Living
— In My Life, There Is an Element of Simplicity and Minimalism and Deep-rooted Self-Love
— We’ve Got to Start with Ourselves and Start with Our Inside
— I Am Not Perfect and That’s Part of Being Authentic
— Simply Slow Down the Body, the Mind, the Soul So That We Can Connect to What Is Really Going On
— What’s Going On Inside Me?
— If You are Afraid of Rejection, Feel the Fear, Let It Be There for a Few Minutes
— We Struggle a Lot Because We Try to Treat the Symptoms
—It Goes Deeper Than “Let’s Make Check Lists and Follow Them”
— Are We Trying to Cover Up That We Feel Inadequate So We Throw So Much on Our Plates?
— I Think You Just Hit a Chord in Something That I’ve Never Ever Heard Anybody Say Before
— You’re Doing So Much So That You Feel Worthy in Your Life
— Successful In Our Society Equals Happiness, That’s a Scary Equation
— It’s Not Always Bad to Work Really Hard
— For the First Time in 20 Years, I’m Wondering How Do I Structure My Life Now
— Freedom Is one of my personal core values
— We Do Not Lose Our Core Values When We Move a Little Slower and Think Things Through


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