Behind the Brand Podcast, Episode 41, : Running a creative business with a chronic illness, with Rachel Shillcock



Running a creative business with a chronic illness, with Rachel Shillcock

Today we have Rachel of on the show to chat all about running a creative business with a chronic illness. Rachel has been working through her illness for the past several years after being diagnosed, and I have also been working through two of my own in the past two years. Instead of getting down about this, we are sharing our tips and tricks for living a vibrant life and running a thriving business even when our health seems to try and take over.


Topics we cover:

— How Rachel and I both started our businesses, and why we chose the careers we did
— How Rachel began working from herself after working in an agency and getting diagnosed with a chronic illness and how that effected that time in her life
— The grieving process that you go through when being diagnosed with a chronic illness
— Managing your business when you have a chronic illness
— What Rachel is doing to change up her business to manage her chronic illness
— Telling your clients about your chronic illness and being upfront about the situation
— Working your core values into your brand
— How talking about your chronic illnesses out loud can help others
— How I started structuring my business differently because of my chronic illnesses
— Creating passive income and how it helps when you have a chronic illness
— Marketing your business and why it’s important to do more than you think you should
— Showcasing your most authentic self as a business owner to build an engaged audience


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— No matter how sick I was, I could still work with my laptop in bed, and that was empowering to know
— It’s like this whole tumble-dryer of stress that you’re rolling around in when you have a chronic illness
— I’m still trying to find that magic routine, but finding that flow and listening to my body is so important
— Listening intuitively to what I need day to day has been key
— The more that we can talk openly about our illnesses, chronic or mental, the better things will be
— You can’t just create a great product, you have to market it too!
— The most important thing is getting it out there, and then you can tweak from there.
— I’m going to become my own case study when it comes to creating my course
— You should focus on the marketing side almost even more than you do creating the course
— No one else is following you as much as you are — Market yourself more than you feel comfortable doing to make sure they hear your message
— It takes a long time for people to trust you and know that you’re the right fit to take them to the next level
— The more that I can show up as my most authentic self, the more engaged audience I am building.


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behind the brand podcast, Running a creative business with a chronic illness

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