Behind the Brand Podcast, Episode 46, Starting your Freelance Career with Megan Baker



Behind the Brand Podcast, Episode 46

Build A Booming Brand alum, Megan Baker, is on the show today! She is my best friend and just now jumping into creative entrepreneurship and her freelance career. Megan talks about her transition from her former job to becoming an entrepreneur and the steps she took. She also talks about her branding work with Pinegateroad.


Topics we cover:

— Life before freelance
— Making the leap from a full-time job to entrepreneurship
— Navigating the workforce and questioning “is this normal work stuff/issues or not?”
— How Megan got started
— Finding tips on Facebook Groups
— How Megan decided to become a virtual assistant
— Megan’s experience with Build a Booming Brand
— The importance of branding and finding a brand’s core values
— A couple of trade secrets from the Build a Booming Brand Course
— The beauty, fun, and nerdiness of strategic branding
— Figuring out your core values and how you want to build it out into your business
— How Megan built out her brand using the course and then how Pinegateroad took that information to build an awesome website
— Using values generated from the Build a Booming Brand course and easily finding designs that fit your brand
— Tips for other people starting out
— Dealing with rejection and learning from it
The importance of separating yourself from your product and not linking your business to your self-worth
— The importance of building a support network
—Bullet Journals and not letting perfectionism ruin them and using the mantra “Better Done Than Perfect” with bullet journaling


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Tweet: No time better than the present I guess to just do it @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: It’s now or never, baby @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: Sometimes you just gotta go for it @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: Qui ne tente rien n’a rien (Who tries nothing, has nothing)
Tweet: Now’s the best time to make a crazy situation into an opportunity @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: I’m kind of a nerd (re: branding)@pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: I’m kind of a nerd, too (re: branding) @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: If you’re not in [branding], you feel like people are pulling [their brand] out of their head or nowhere @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: And I’m like, NOPE, there’s a really big reason why we’re doing this (re: branding) @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: I have this whole process that we work through @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: I could channel [my brand core values] into my smile or whatever when you were photographing me @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: [Branding] helps create a cohesive picture throughout everything @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: What’s so hard for me as a perfectionist sometimes is understanding that [the business/brand strategy] is going to evolve and that’s OK @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: You gotta start somewhere
After doing all that research with Build a Booming Brand, I knew exactly what I wanted @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: Even though you’re not a designer, you were able to come up with that stuff through Build a Booming Brand @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: I feel so good about my brand now! @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: I’m so proud of my website and my brand! @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: We just make noises about our feelings @pinegateroad @megktheva
Tweet: Being a person’s hard sometimes @pinegateroad @megktheva


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