Behind the Brand, Episode 33 with Kelsey Kerslake, Founder & CEO of Pinegate Road



Is your business brand new? Rather than going behind the scenes of one brand today, I’m giving you my top tips and tricks for building your brand if you’re just starting out. If you’re interested in getting your name out there, getting those first clients, and starting your first business, this episode is perfect for you. But even if you’re further along in your business, this advice will be great for thinking about how you run your business. Once you have these things set, then you can really start to experiment more and grow your business while building a really solid foundation for yourself.

Topics we cover:

— Picking one social media platform and doing it really well rather than doing all of them
— Knowing your core values for your life and business so that you can make decisions about your future more easily
— How to assess whether a project is aligned with your vision of where you are right now and your core values
— Getting practical about how you’re going to make money
— Factors to consider when thinking about what you can sell – without it sucking up all of your time
— Ideas of simple products and services you could start selling
— Factoring the worth of your time into your pricing
— Experimenting with your voice in order to find your vision for your business
— Using Pinterest as a tool for growing your voice and vision
— The concept of the spiral and how you can use it to get clearer and clearer on your vision
— Growing over a long period of time rather than trying to be the best right off the bat
— The importance of play and experimenting with your skills and brand
— The power of figuring out what you can commit to and sticking with it
— Creating consistent visuals for Instagram
— Buying a domain so that there’s a place where people can connect with you online
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Show Links:

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Tweet: If it isn’t aligned with my core values, it’s not something I want to pursue. – @pinegateroad

Tweet: The quicker you find your values the quicker you’ll find those dreams customers & figure out what you’re known for.

Tweet: Experiment with your voice every day in order to get clear on your vision for business and life.

Tweet: Every time you say no to something, you are getting closer to your ideal vision.

Tweet: “It is better to live long and strong rather than invest in regret.” – @pinegateroad.

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