Behind the Brand, Episode 32 with Kelsey Kerslake, Founder & CEO of Pinegate Road



This week we have a very special episode of Behind the Brand — we are going behind the Pinegate Road brand! I wanted to take this time early on in the show to give you a general understanding of how I have built the Pinegate Road brand over the past several years, go into our own core values, and our BIG WHY behind the studio. If you’re building a business of your own, are interested in behind the scenes of business building, or generally want to know more about my vision for the studio and how it’s grown over the years, this episode is for you! Also, if you’re thinking about a new brand or any kind of refresh for your business, this episode will give you some good things to think about and reflect on to know if you’re in the right space to take things to the next level.

Topics we cover:

— Learning from your past experiences in order to create your dream version of your life
— My journey of starting Pinegate Road as a creative outlet to taking on freelance work to making it my full-time job
— Getting clear that branding is our expertise and designing the studio around that over the past two years
— Layering your values and the essence of your business into the visual elements of your brand
— How our brands spiral inwards so that we get a tighter and tighter understanding of the vision for our business
— The challenge of letting go of things I wanted to do but weren’t appropriate for my ideal clients
— A sneak peek at the holistic branding experience that we provide at Pinegate Road
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Episode 3: My Journey from Art Student, to Corporate America, to Creative Entrepreneur
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Tweet: “Branding is really designing that experience of how you want to bring your vision to life.” – @pinegateroad

Tweet: Part of branding is getting clear on your niche and your expertise rather than trying to be all things to all people

Tweet: Sometimes getting clear on your brand values and business vision is a matter of trial and error.

Tweet: “The big why behind Pinegate Road is really living a happy life.” – @pinegateroad

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